Did you know that you need an NIE number to do virtually anything in Spain?

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From The Desk Of Don Miguel,

Dear Friend,

Let's cut out the BULL right now.

Are you frustrated with the lack on information on how you can apply for an NIE number?

Do you know what an NIE number is? Most important of all, do you know if you need an NIE number?

An NIE number is not a common term. Not many people have heard about it. But if you have any connection with Spain, then you definitely need to know about it -- FAST.

There have been many horror stories reported by people who just didn't know that they need this NIE to be able to perform certain activities in Spain.

Activities such as studying in Spain, buying a property or getting a credit card.

Imagine, you have everything prepared to buy your dream villa in Spain. You've got it at great price, the mortgage is sorted out, you've contacted the solictors and you've decided on the date of the purchase.

When you're just about to sign the deal, you're told that you need an NIE number. You stay calm and decide to get one ASAP to buy this dream home.

And then you realise it will take you well over a month to get an NIE number. Your dream home is no longer yours.

This sort of story is very common for people who have any sort of activities in Spain. They don't know they need an NIE number before it's too late!

What Is An NIE Number?

NIE stands for 'Número de Identificación de Extranjero' in Spanish.

It is an identification number for non-residents. Similar to the National Insurance number in England, the NIE allows you to pay taxes in Spain and it is used to track your activities in Spain.

A few years ago, British Citizens could purchase a property in Spain without an NIE number first but now that law has changed. All foreign citizens now require an NIE before they can sign the purchase agreement.

But buying property is not the only reason why you need an NIE number. Below are some examples of when you will need an NIE number:

- setting up a business in Spain
- obtaining a mortgage
- applying for a credit card/loan
- applying for a Spanish driving license
- inheriting any assets that are in Spain
- your children studying in Spain
- etc...

There are far too many cases where you think you won't need an NIE number, but at the very last moment you're being told differently. The madness then starts.

Hang on a sec... What's so hard about getting an NIE number you may ask? Let me explain.

How To Apply For An NIE Number

The Spanish law states that you need to apply for an NIE number in person.

Do you know what this means?

This means that you need to fly to Spain and apply for the NIE number.
Here is the actual procedure:

- Arrange for a flight to Spain
- Arrive in Spain and check in at the hotel
- Go to the National Police Station for the application
- Fill in the application form which is in Spanish
- Get a translator to help you if needed
- Queue up for several hours
- Submit your documents (copies of passport and photographs etc...) with your application form
- Get a receipt which tells you when you can collect the NIE document (can take 1 - 3 months)
- Get on the flight back to England
- Fly to Spain to collect the NIE document in person
- Fly back to England to complete whatever transaction that needs this NIE number

Can you see yourself doing all of this? Take out your calculator and see how much this is going to cost you. Yes...this is absolutely insane.

And if you need your NIE number urgently, then you can see it's near impossible.

Is There A Solution?

Like most things in life, there are shortcuts...if you know how.

In my report, The Complete Guide To Getting Your NIE Number, I talk about several methods you can use to get your NIE number without having to visit Spain in person.

Yes -- I know that the Spanish law states that you need to apply and collect the NIE certificate in person, but there are backdoors you can take.

Using the methods outlined in the report, you can apply and collect your NIE number without having to visit Spain. You can get it relatively cheap too.

Imagine the time and money you'll be able to save if you use one of my recommended methods to apply for your NIE number.

Here's some of the information which I reveal in the report

check What is an NIE number and what sort of situations require you to have one

check  What are the exact procedures to apply and collect your NIE number in Spain

check How can you apply for your NIE number without leaving the country

check What documents should you prepare when applying for an NIE number

check Who are the experts that you should contact to process your application

check What is the fastest method to get your NIE number...within a few days!

check How can a solicitor can help you and where can you find one specialized in NIE

check What services are available can you use to apply for an NIE, without the hassle

check What special documents do you need to apply for an NIE and where to get them

check How to fill in the Spanish NIE application form. Get the form translated into English

check and much, much more...

The information contained in the report has everything you need to know about NIE numbers and how you can apply for it. The methods listed are much more convenient than flying to Spain (TWICE!) and it will save you a ton of money.

The price of the book is not expensive considering the money it will save you and the time.It is priced at a very reasonable 
£19.97 which is a steal for the valuable information it contains.

Here is my own Personal Guarantee to make your purchase absolutely risk-free.


My Personal Guarantee



After reading the report, you should have sufficient information to decide which

method is suitable for you to apply for an NIE number. You won't have to

visit Spain and you'll save a ton of expenses.

If you don't think that the information contained in the report is worth more than the £19.97  which I am charging for it, just email me for a refund within 56 days

of downloading the report.

I'll  immediately refund the money and will not ask any questions. There is no risk
with this purchase.


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I Wish You All The Best!

Don Miguel

P.S. Don't hesitate. It will take you months to apply for an NIE number without knowing the methods in my report.

P.S.S. Forget about flying to Spain. You won't need to once you're read the methods I've laid out.


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